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Key Bridge in Baltimore collapses following a ship collision; construction crews are missing. Live updates

On Tuesday, a big search started for six workers who were on a bridge in Baltimore when a large ship hit it. The bridge fell into the Patapsco River, stopping a key shipping route on the East Coast.

Around 1:30 a.m., a ship named Dali hit the bridge as it was leaving the port of Baltimore. This made the bridge fall down quickly. The crew had said there was a power problem and sent out a warning before the crash. A video shows the ship hitting part of the bridge, causing it to break, fall into the water, and partly land on the ship. This was followed by fire and smoke.

Some cars that were on the bridge when it was hit fell into the river. The river was very cold on Tuesday, cold enough to make someone very cold if they fell in. There were some workers on the bridge fixing holes in the road at the time. So far, two people have been saved. One person is okay, but the other person is in a bad state.

The crew of the ship stayed on the Dali. The ship needed to be checked for damage before rescue teams could get on it. The ship was carrying things for a big shipping company called Maersk and was going to Sri Lanka.

A high-ranking U.S. official who didn’t want to be named told USA TODAY that the ship had lost power a few minutes before it hit the bridge. A government report confirmed this, saying the crew had lost control of the ship.

The official reason for the crash has not been given. But the governor of Maryland, Wes Moore, said in a press conference that the crew had told authorities there was a power problem as it was moving at about 9 miles per hour. He said the crash seems to be an accident and that the bridge was up to standard.

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