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PS5 gets a great free upgrade

PlayStation has revealed an upcoming enhancement to its Game Help system.

This existing feature allows developers to generate cards that appear when players press the PS button on their controller, accessing the PS5’s quick menu. These cards can provide players with an estimate of their remaining time in a game section and offer guidance on next steps. Until now, the system has depended on game developers to provide hints for challenging sections, but this will change with the upcoming update.

The forthcoming feature, named Community Game Help, will enable players to share video clips and tips about game sections that they find difficult. This is expected to foster a supportive community, generating more hints than developers could create independently.

Players can access this feature simply by pressing the PS button to open the Control Centre and checking for a game card labelled “Hints Inside”. If available, they can explore the provided clips and hints. These can also be viewed on the PS App on a mobile device to avoid overlaying them on a TV or monitor.

To contribute clips to Community Game Help, players will need to adjust their settings. The option will be located under Captures & Broadcasts > Captures > Auto Captures > Community Game Help, where a new opt-in setting will be available.

After opting in, the PS5 will automatically capture short clips when players achieve certain milestones in games. These clips will be sent to a moderator for approval before being uploaded and then removed from the console to prevent storage issues. Sony has clarified that only raw game footage will be shared, excluding images and audio from webcams, microphones, or party chat audio. This means it’s not primarily a tool for influencers. Players can remove their published videos at any time.

This innovative initiative could rapidly expand the hint ecosystem, depending on player participation. PlayStation plans to roll it out gradually, starting with a few games and expanding later, though a specific launch date has not been announced.

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