Top 10 Jewelry Brands

Jewelry is one of the most fashionable trends that are presently sweeping the nation. It has taken over almost every city and state in America with its timeless appeal and fashion forward designs.

Buying jewelry is one of the most popular ways to spend money in the United States. Stores like Tiffany & Co. collect millions of dollars each year from Americans who want to buy diamond engagement rings and other pieces of incredibly expensive jewelry. While some people enjoy buying expensive pieces, others are not so keen on spending crazy amounts of money on jewelry.

When it comes to jewelry, there are several different brands out there. They all have their own designs, styles and prices that vary from one another. With so many jewelry brands out there trying to make an impact, it can be hard to find the right one for you. We’ve put together a list of top 10 jewelry brands in the USA to assist.

Top 10 Jewelry Brands in the US

Jewelry is a symbol of love and it is an important part of a woman’s wardrobe.

So, what makes the best jewelry brands in the USA?

The most important thing is the quality of their products. It is also important to consider their reputation and the amount of money they spend on advertising. All these factors can help you choose a good jewelry brand for yourself or your loved one.

With so many jewelry brands in the United States, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth your time. The following list of ten jewelry brands offers some insight into what makes them special and whether or not they stand out from the rest.

  1. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is the top and well-known designer jewelry brand in the US. It began as a stationery and fancy goods store in New York. Today, it is awarded for its silver craftsmanship and remains leading silversmith of America.

Tiffany & Co. showcases its rarest and exaggerated pieces in its annual Blue Book collection which began in 1845. Some of their most accepted pieces are the Return to Tiffany, Tiffany Soleste and Tiffany Key and signature 6 prong engagement rings. The jewelry brand is renowned for their little blue box, identical with style, luxury and quality.

The famous persons who used to wear tiffany & Co. brand jewelry involve Reese Witherspoon, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.  

2. Harry Winston

Founded in 1932 in New York City, Harry Winston is the well-known jewelry brand in the US. For its fine jewelry creations, the brand has crowned the ‘Kings of Diamonds’ and ‘Jeweler to the Stars.’ The famous persons who used to wear Harry Winston brand jewelry include Natalie Portman, Madonna, Julie Andrews and Jennifer Lopez.

Harry Winston is known for its fine jewelry, watches, and accessories. The company started out by selling only to select clients, but it soon gained popularity among celebrities such as Bette Davis and Marlene Dietrich who became regular customers. Harry Winston has become known for its unique designs and high-quality pieces.

3. Cartier

Cartier is a luxury brand of jewelry and watches. Cartier jewelry brand in US is a luxury jewelry store that has been selling gold and diamond jewelry for more than 100 years. It was founded in Paris, France in 1847 by French jeweler Louis Cartier. The company’s name comes from the Latin word “caro” meaning “dear” or “loved one.”

It also holds one of the most prominent awards of fashion, the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, awarded since 1927 to watch manufacturers who have renowned themselves through their technical superiority and innovations.

Cartier has more than 210 retail stores worldwide, with more than 80 in the United States alone. The brand also has an online store at that sells its merchandise to consumers around the globe through the Internet.

4. Chopard

Chopard has always been known for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The brand has been an American favorite since it launched in 1991, with many celebrities and fashion icons wearing Chopard jewelry.

Chopard jewelry is made from the finest materials, with each piece being individually handcrafted by master artisans. Chopard jewelry is also available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold – each offering a different look depending on the metal used to craft your piece.

The brand’s most current collaboration was with singer Selena Gomez who wore a pink gold ear cuff as part of her latest music video “Bad Liar”. At this year’s Met Gala gala, she wore another version of this same piece, but this time encrusted with diamonds and set with a pink sapphire stone. This was the first time that Chopard has ever used diamonds in its jewelry collection.

5. Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels is one of the most admired jewelers in the globe. The brand has been around for more than 200 years, and it’s acknowledged for its timeless designs, wonderful craftsmanship and high quality.

Van Cleef & Arpels makes some of the most classic pieces on the market today: rings, earrings and necklaces are all staples in their collections. Their designs are often enthused by nature or art history — they’ve even won abundant awards for their sculptures.

Today, the brand is owned by LVMH, which also owns watch brands like Hublot and Piaget.

6. Graff

The Graff brand was created in the early 1980s by two brothers, George and Dan MacKenzie, who were both jewelry designers. The company was founded in New York City and has since extended to include retail stores across the United States.

Graff’s designs are inspired by contemporary art, architecture and fashion. It uses only the finest materials accessible to make designs. Each piece is designed, cast and finished by hand in our London studio. The goal is to generate jewelry that is as special as you are.

Graff Jewelry is recognized for its celebrity jewelry line, which features pieces designed by celebrities akin to Taylor Swift and Beyonce Knowles. Graff also offers an extensive array of engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings and other fashion jewelry items.

7. David Yurman

David Yurman is a jewelry brand in US. The company was founded by David Yurman in New York City, US in 1953. David Yurman today has become one of the most renowned luxury brands in the globe.

The company’s first retail store was situated in Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. In 1987, David Yurman opened its first wholly owned store in Beverly Hills, California. By 1990, the business had prolonged to embrace nine retail stores and two boutiques.

The company’s signature color is lavender, which is utilized for a range of items in its collections involving purses, wallets and even lipsticks. The company’s designs are inspired by nature, art and nature’s beauty.

8. Buccellati

Buccellati jewelry brand is one of the most popular and luxurious jewelry brands in the US. It has been making quality products for over a century and its reputation is one of the best in the industry. Buccellati Jewelry has a wide assortment of products, involving diamond rings, gold rings, engagement rings and wedding bands.

Buccellati has two stores positioned in New York City and one situated in Santa Monica, California. The company’s design philosophy is to create beautiful, timeless pieces that are both elegant and classic.

It is best identified for its unique designs made from precious metals, gemstones and diamonds. Many of the items are enthused by nature, such as flowers and leaves, which were used in many of the early designs.

9. Bvlgari

Bvlgari is one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world, and its jewelry collection is no exception. Whether you’re looking for a piece that will complement your personality or one that will make a statement, Bvlgari has you covered.

Bvlgari’s collection involves everything from diamonds to emeralds to rubies to sapphires. The pieces are made with gold or silver — or sometimes both metals in some pieces — and then plated with 18K gold or platinum depending on their color options. What makes this brand unique is that each piece is crafted with the uppermost quality materials utilizing customary techniques.

10. Boucheron

Founded in 1933, Boucheron is a luxury jewelry brand making jewelry for men and women. The brand was founded by Joseph Boucheron, who had a passion for fine arts and crafts.

Boucheron is known for its classic and timeless designs, which are made from the finest materials. The brand has been awarded the “Grand Prix de la Haute Horlogerie” (Great Time Award) for 15 years straight.

The brand designs and manufactures fine jewelry for men and women. The brand has been worn by several celebrities including Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Princess Diana.

Bottom Line

If you were looking for a collection of the most popular jewelry brands in the United States, you’ve come to the right place. There are numerous jewelry brands out there and sometimes it is hard to establish which jewelry brands are the best. You may want to generate a shopping list of what is popular and see if your friends and relatives are willing to offer you an honest opinion on what they think looks best. One thing that can absolutely assist you with your selection is if you do research in order to discover which corporations make the most well-known jewelry brands in the U.S.

For those interested in buying jewelry, the 10 jewelry brands above are among the best names in the US.

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