Suspected Israeli hitman caught in Malaysia

A man suspected to be an Israeli operative was recently detained in Malaysia. He was found with six firearms and had entered Malaysia using a French passport.

The arrest was announced by Razarudin Husain, the Inspector-General of Police. The 36-year-old suspect had arrived in Malaysia on March 12 and was staying in Kuala Lumpur.

During interrogation, the suspect presented another passport, issued by Israel. He claimed to have come to Malaysia to eliminate a fellow Israeli due to a family dispute.

However, his refusal to provide job details led investigators to suspect a link with Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency.  Husain expressed doubt about the suspect's claims and revealed that the weapons were purchased using cryptocurrency.

The police are investigating how the weapons were smuggled into the country. They also confiscated around 200 rounds of ammunition, with three of the guns loaded.

The investigation suggests the suspect likely had accomplices in Malaysia and could be part of a larger network. The police plan to verify the authenticity of his passport with the French embassy.

As of now, neither France nor Israel has commented on the matter. The case continues to be under investigation.