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Xiaomi’s Electric Marvel: The SU7: Top 5 Features

Xiaomi, a global leader in consumer electronics, has recently ventured into the electric vehicle (EV) market with its first-ever electric car, the SU7. This move signifies Xiaomi’s transition from a “Smartphone x AIoT” to a “Human x Car x Home” smart ecosystem. Here, we delve into the top five features of Xiaomi’s new electric car, the SU7.

1. E-Motor

The SU7 is powered by Xiaomi’s bespoke electric motors, delivering a claimed 0 to 60 mph speed in just 2.78 seconds. This groundbreaking “super electric motor” technology rivals acceleration speeds surpassing both Tesla’s Model S and Porsche’s Taycan electric vehicles.

2. CTB Integrated Battery

The SU7 boasts a 101kWh battery capable of providing more than 497 miles of range, a significant amount more than the majority of EVs currently on sale. It also supports fast charging, with Xiaomi claiming it can regain 317 miles of range in just 15 minutes on a fast charger. The platform the SU7 is built on can theoretically accommodate 150kWh batteries providing a whopping range of over 700 miles.

3. Xiaomi Die-Casting

Xiaomi’s die-casting technology has been utilized in the production of the SU7, contributing to its sleek and sporty design. The car’s aesthetics are reminiscent of the electric Porsche Taycan, making it a head-turner on the roads.

4. Xiaomi Pilot Autonomous Driving

The SU7 boasts advanced autonomous driving capabilities, incorporating cutting-edge features like adaptive BEV technology, a foundational mapping model, and Super-Res Occupancy Network Technology. Driving its hardware are two powerful NVIDIA Orin high-performance chips, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency on the road.

5. Smart Cabin

The cabin of the SU7 features a 16-inch infotainment display, heads-up-display for the driver, and a 7.1-inch “rotating dashboard.” The SU7 is more than just an electric car; it’s a ‘connected’ car. Xiaomi aims to capitalize on its technology by connecting its cars with its phones and home appliances, ushering in a new era of smart living.

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