5 Reasons Reality TV is Addictive

5 Reasons Reality TV is Addictive

Reality television has been quite the phenomenon in recent years, drawing millions of viewers to shows like Big Brother, The Voice, and Survivor. Some shows have even been so successful that they’ve launched spin-offs and their own franchises, extending an already long list of reality TV shows with seemingly endless potential. So why do we love it? Here are five reasons why reality television is addictive and why it will continue to captivate viewers for years to come.

1. It’s fun to follow along

Reality television shows are addictive because they follow the lives of people who you might otherwise not know. Some of these people will be doing crazy, outlandish things that you would never think to do in your own life; others will be living a life that’s very similar to yours. These shows are typically broadcasted live, which means viewers can participate in the show and comment on what’s happening at the time.

2. The characters are real

One of the things that makes reality TV addictive is the authenticity. The people on these shows are real and aren’t trying to be anything they’re not. They don’t care if they are liked or disliked, they just want to be able to tell their story and share what life has been like for them. We see these people as we would in our everyday lives; it’s not a dramatized version of someone else’s life that has been edited for our viewing pleasure. There may be some exaggeration and editing, but it never loses its authenticity.

3. It offers something new

The definition of reality in reality TV has been debated for some time now, but for the most part, it remains a genre that offers something new. There’s just a lot of different programs to choose from and there are always people trying to do things differently. That’s what makes this genre so addictive. It’s always changing and you never know what you’re going to get when you tune in next.

4. It helps us think differently

Reality television does not always reflect the best of humanity. It’s easy to get caught up in the drama and to feel like you can’t wait for the next episode. However, there are some redeeming qualities that make reality television addictive. The following are 5 reasons why people can’t stop watching reality TV

1) Sometimes it exposes us to different perspectives: There is no shortage of examples when our assumptions about a situation have been completely wrong because we only had limited information about what was going on.

2) It teaches us about the consequences: In our own lives, it is easy to be insulated from real-world problems or consequences. When we watch shows like Intervention or Hoarders on A&E, we often see first-hand how addiction destroys lives or how compulsive hoarding prevents someone from being able to live their life as they want to.

3) We learn new things: Most Americans watch more than five hours of TV a day which means that these programs make up a large part of their day-to-day routine and exposure. As these shows document people with very different lifestyles and values, viewers may find themselves identifying with certain characters more than others.

4) They’re unpredictable: At any moment something could happen – from an intense argument between two housemates to someone confessing an embarrassing secret – that will force you to keep tuning in until the end of the show.

5) They’re exciting: If anything is guaranteed, it’s at least one high-drama moment per hour. Whether this comes in the form of an accusation or revealing secret, there is plenty for viewers to tune into every week.

5. We live vicariously through the characters

Reality TV has been a staple of American culture for decades. The genre provides us with a cheap, harmless way to live vicariously through the characters. It’s also what makes these shows addictive: we’re drawn in by their secrets and scandals. Here are some of the reasons why reality television is so addictive to so many people.

1) We like watching other people’s drama-filled lives because it’s easy to watch.

2) There are lots of outlandish characters on reality TV shows (e.g., Kim Kardashian).

3) Shows like The Bachelor give viewers a sense that they know what love should look like, which may make them more invested in relationships in their own lives.

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